Network printing is a term used to connect printers on a network. Microsoft networking is the most common method used to connect printers on a network. The printer is to be connected to the Ethernet server. The network card in the system can be used to connect the printer. This method will be complex if the number of printers connected to the network is more and you cannot use a centralized printer management in this type of networking. If you follow this method, then you need to configure the Ethernet server and the printer according to the network settings in the system. LPR is a protocol used to establish network printing process. This type of networking needs software in your system to send requests by using LPR protocol.

The following explains about various Windows network printing software, solutions and scenarios


  • Network Printing Software
  • Network Printing Solutions
  • Network Printing Scenarios


Network Printing Software


Network printing software are software applications designed to set up proper networking printing. Printer Share is an example of such network printing software. This software helps you to print documents, photos and other information from any other system connected to the network. You can print documents in your system on any other user’s printer. The user interface for this software is also simple. The software helps you to create a copy of the printer in your system and will be a virtual image of the printer.


Network Printing Solutions


Printing solutions help to enhance the printing flow through a TCP/IP network. This is software which help to improve the network printing speed. Print IPDS is an example of network printing solution. This software receives IPDS documents from various servers and legacy mainframes and then transforms it into various ways suitable for enterprise print environments.


Network Printing Scenarios


Network print scenarios are needed to balance print loads in a network. Various scenarios help you to customize printing tasks and these scenarios will help you to customize print requests. EBCIDIC to ASCII, SCS to ASCII, etc. are some of the common requests. Since the networking environment involves a large number of users and printers, there should be flexibility in handling all printing requests. So, the networking scenarios must be able to provide this flexibility.

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