Online Printer repair service

Setting up printers and maintaining them requires a lot of technical expertise. If you face any issue with your printer Gprotech technicians can help you to fix them.

Gprotect’s printer services

Gprotect certified technicians access your computer remotely and help you to install your printer and configure it. They offer the following printer repair and maintenance services:

  • Set up and installation of printer
  • Configure the settings of printer
  • Repair printer parts
  • Fix printer spooler problem
  • Installing remote printer
  • Installation of printer driver
  • Set up the settings of printer as per your preference
  • Check the compatibility of printer with different softwares on your computer
  • Maintain and repair printer


We offer printer repair services for different brands of printer like Canon, HP, Epson, Alps, Brother and so on. You can get in touch with Gprotect for all kind of printer repair issues and our experts will help you to resolve it.

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